Thursday, 15 June 2017

Viadana Melon

The Italian Cuisine
Viadana Melon
Viadana is a melon production area boasting certain cultivation evidences dating back to the 16th century. The characteristic Viadana melon was a melon with a smooth peel and a yellow color when ripe, round and slightly oblong, with a strong fragrance. The pulp had a bright salmon color, not too sweet, but very aromatic with a spicy aftertaste. After gathering, the ripe fruits can be preserved for one day or no more than two days. Currently, Viadana production area is known for its "Supermarket" melons. They are round-oval with evident net lines and furrows, outlining the slices, smooth and yellow when they are ripe. The pulp has an orange color, sometimes bright, and a sweet and scented taste. The quality of Viadana is given by the particular saltiness of the soils.

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