Sunday, 1 November 2015

Marilyn Monroe and Hilary Clinton

Said Kim "glamour"- means charming and fascinating- is a Neptunian term, stemmed from occult practices, so was Marilyn Monroe, perhaps she had a strict family life- Saturn in fourth house- or she used to have learning difficulties, Kim adds, who was born with Neptune-Moon opposition reflects his what he hides just like a mirror does. while Neptune is in the first house indicate victimization feeling, Fatima had Neptune in the seventh house where the others are the victims, and has Uranus in the eights house, with which Robin Williams- who committed suicide a year ago- was born, yearns of his Venus in Leo at Mid heaven- MC- to glory and fame. The twelfth house, Kim states, is the ship wheelhouse, which is the unconsciousness zone. When I asked her whether if poetry has any connections to Mercury in this house, she nodded positively: sure! Yet March in eighth house is mooning and groaning. When comparing Marilyn's natal chart with her death mundane chart she found that her Sun was in an ill-fated aspect with Pluto, home of conspiracy and darkness.

We went across Hilary Clinton's chart too, so Kim affirmed that the Sun shining on the world from the twelfth house, but languishing in fame cage consequently. Then told me this joke: The President Clinton and wife Hillary passed a petrol station worker, who used to have an affair with Hillary, so Bill said teasingly: If you married this guy, you won't be more than a petrol station attendant, or a wife of one, swiftly she come up with, if I married him he would become a president. Then I asked Kim about how much affected Hillary was by Lewinsky's scandal. Replied: Who has his moon placed in Pisces would not care, and added, March in Leo is a hero, and in Pluto uncompromising one. Helpless Clinton could not defend himself against sexual abnormality allegations, as his moon in the eighth house, house of sex, both are linked to Taurus, lust and material, so Bill, for having many planets in first house of personality, he is acceptable to people despite all of his imperfections. Besides lacking water in his chart, so he is senseless, and empty hearted. Then she went on with explaining the meaning of northern node to me, it means past life, said, Hillary's southern node and Bill's Mercury are compatible, finally, we read Byron chart, where Uranus in Neptune, which indicates visions, imaginaries and prediction, since Venus is located in eighth house along with Pluto, the taboos planet, we learned that he used to have an incest relation with his sister, and keeps some of her hair. I told my father about this story throughout one of our morning rounds in the Regent: After I finished my book Positions of the Moon, I engaged in Astrology lessons with Mrs. Kim, I asked her one day, if there is an astrology trainer specializes in stock markets and exchanges, it turned out that she doesn't know and she promised to find out. So she come up with Olga of Melbourne, which she found after a week of investigations, when we called Olga, the latter apologized affirming that she is teaching theories, and specialized in Gann-Astro, an astrology branch named after Gann, astrologer, who died the 1950s. She nominated Bill Sarubby, who is based in Vienna, When I telephoned Bill, I learned that he had been working in Abu Dhabi as of 1994 to 2004, when I asked about his work place, he said ADIA, I asked with who? Said: Nassir Alswuaidi, Mohamed bin Hamouda, and Ali Alsaid, it was astonishing coincident, called brother Nassir to check it out, who was shocked too, so I invited Bill to come to London, as well as Olga. That was in April 2013, at that time I was following up with my mother while being treated in London that year. Subsequently, I invited Bill, Olga and Kim to Abu Dhabi in April 2014, we all had pleasant time, my father doesn't seem excited about these acquaintances, yet he used to yarn about it.